Engelberg Humperdinck Hansel und Gretel / 21.07.2024 Engelberg Humperdinck Hansel und Gretel / 21.07.2024
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21 July 2024 / 5 p.m. Baltic Opera Theatre in Gdańsk

Engelbert Humperdinck

Hänsel und Gretel

Titular heroes, striving to forget about hunger, begin to dance. At this moment the mother returns home and seeing children playing, she flies into a rage because they have left their work. Executing punishment she accidentally smashes a jug with remaining milk. In helplessness, she sends the children to the forest for blueberries. And in the forest lives the nefarious witch…Hopefully in Humperdinck the children remain under the wing of good spirits – Sand’s Spirit and Angels, always accompanied by fantastic music. Fabulous opera provides a confidence that even captivity in a gingerbread witch’s house will come off well.

Production of the Grand Theater in Lodz



Directing: Natalia Babińska

Musical director: Rafał Janiak

Scenography and costumes: Diana Marszałek

Choreography: Anna Hop

Light director: Maciej Igielski

Animation: Zuzanna Grzegorowska


Hänsel – Olga Maroszek

Gretel – Aleksandra Borkiewicz – Cłapińska

Mom – Anna Wierzbicka

Dad – Arkadiusz Anyszka

Witch – Agnieszka Makówka

Dushes – Hanna Okońska-Ratajczak

Children’s and Youth Choir, Ballet and Orchestra of the Grand Theatre in Łódź

Conductor – Rafał Janiak

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