Giacomo Puccini – Turandot / 20.07.2024 Giacomo Puccini – Turandot / 20.07.2024
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20 July 2024 / 9 p.m. Forest Opera in Sopot

Giacomo Puccini


The cruel princess Turandot forced his father, emperor Altoum, to promise that he would marry her only to a young man of princely blood who would answer the three questions she asked. Any candidate who gives the wrong answer will be beheaded. The titular heroine’s gallery is constantly growing, the emperor is exhausted by his decision, the people want the end of the terror and the three Mandarins, always ready to act as masters of ceremony, are dreaming of a peaceful province without a perpetual procession of enamoured suicides.

The performance was prepared by the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic in Białystok with the special participation of the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra.


Music Director
Keri-Lynn Wilson

Waldemar Zawodziński

Set Designer
Waldemar Zawodziński

Costume Designer
Dorothée Roqueplo

Janina Niesobska

Lighting Designer
Bogumił Palewicz

Choirmaster/ Choir Preparation
Violetta Bielecka

Assistant Directors
Rafał Supiński

Assistant Music Directors
Piotr Jaworski

Andrzej Joński, Aneta Komenda


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