K.Szymanowski Lottery for Husbands or Fiancé No. 69 / 14.07.2023 K.Szymanowski Lottery for Husbands or Fiancé No. 69 / 14.07.2023
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14 July 2023 / 6 p.m. Baltic Opera in Gdańsk

Karol Szymanowski

Lottery for Husbands, or Fiancé No. 69

Lottery for Husbands, or Fiancé No. 69 holds a special place in Karol Szymanowski’s oeuvre. It is the only instance when the composer opted for the lighter genre of operetta. The original libretto and sung texts preserved in the score were penned by Szymanowski’s friend, Julian Krzewiński-Maszyński, a Lviv operetta artist and a sought-after author of many comic and operetta librettos. Unfortunately, the libretto of Lottery did not survive in full: the spoken dialogue linking the musical numbers together went missing. The Baltic Opera Festival’s production features newly written texts created by excellent dramaturge and scriptwriter Wojciech Tomczyk. But that is not the only reason the staging is special. It will feature none other than Karol Szymanowski himself who is fully behind the premiere.

The plot is set in 1908 in America. A local car factory owner, Tobiasz Helgoland, has two sons, Charly and Darly. The bibulous rascals cross paths with a scheming impresario who travels across the country holding husband lotteries that attract the attention of old maids. Among those who turn up at one of the events is a Mrs Troodwood who buys a ticket for her unwed daughter, Sarah. Impressed by the girl, the roisterer Darly puts himself down for the lottery. Complications ensue but eventually the young couple develop feelings for each other and the whole affair ends in an engagement.

This staging of Lottery for Husbands, or Fiancé No. 69 was produced by the Kraków Opera and co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland through the Fund for the Promotion of Culture as part of the Music programme coordinated by the National Institute of Music and Dance.

Music Director
Piotr Sułkowski

Marcin Sławiński

Libretto of spoken texts
Wojciech Tomczyk

Libretto of sung texts
Julian Krzewiński – Maszyński

Set Designer
Natalia Kitamikado

Costume Designer
Izabela Chełkowska-Wolczyńska

Jarosław Staniek and Katarzyna Zielonka

Lighting Designer
Ada Bystrzycka

Chorus Master
Janusz Wierzgacz

Stanisław Zaleski

Sound Effects
Jędrzej Rusin

Assistant Director
Mateusz Makselon

Assistant Music Director
Joachim Kołpanowicz and Miłosz Korpol

Stage Managers
Justyna Jarocka-Lejzak and Agnieszka Sztencel

Maria Mitkowska       

Orchestra and Chorus of the Krakow Opera


Tobias Helgoland
Tomasz Kuk

Szymon Raczkowski

Adrian Domarecki

Sherlock Holmes / Djep
Piotr Maciejowski

Stepan Drobit

Hercules Poirot / Tinker
Jakub Foltak

Damian Wilma

Jan Kubas

Mrs Troodwood
Magdalena Barylak

Justyna Khil

Miss Huck
Justyna Bluj

Sara’s Friends:

  • Molly
    Laura Wąsek
  • Ketty
    Teresa Marut
  • Fanny
    Magdalena Stefaniak
  • Lotti
    Martyna Dwojak
  • Mimmi
    Emilia Rabczak


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