Richard Wagner – The Flying Dutchman / 24.07.2024 Richard Wagner – The Flying Dutchman / 24.07.2024
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24 July 2024 / 9 p.m. Forest Opera in Sopot

Ryszard Wagner

The Flying Dutchman

The ship of a Norwegian captain, Daland, enters the harbour. The seaman is returning home empty-handed but with an extraordinary adventure under his belt. While at sea, his ship was approached by a vessel manned by a mysterious crew of pale sailors who asked Daland to take their letters. In unexplained circumstances, Darland also met a man who introduced himself as Dutchman. Having struck a deal with him to buy diamonds at a bargain price, Daland decided to give his beautiful daughter, Senta, to the Dutchman in marriage. The girl is already obsessed with the legendary Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship wandering the seas which brings bad luck to sailors. It turns out the man whom Daland promised his daughter’s hand is the captain of the cursed vessel. He cannot find relief in death until he meets a faithful and loyal woman. Senta decides to bring him salvation. Sadly, the Dutchman is a dead man walking and marrying him is possible only through death. When the Dutchman’s ship enters heavy fog, the girl throws herself down a cliff, thus freeing her beloved from the life he despises. 

WARNING: The show features strobe effects and sudden, loud noises. ACHTUNG: Die Show beinhaltet Strobe-Effekte und plötzliche, laute Geräusche.

Music Director
Yaroslav Shemet

Concept and Artistic Supervision
Tomasz Konieczny

Barbara Wiśniewska

Set Design Concept
Boris Kudlička

Set Designer
Natalia Kitamikado

Costume Designer
Dorothée Roqueplo

Assistant Music Directors
Piotr Mazurek

Choirmaster/ Choir Preparation
Agnieszka Długołęcka-Kuraś

Lighting Designer
Bogumił Palewicz

Bartek Macias

Jacek Przybyłowicz

Orchestra, Chorus and Dancers of the Baltic Opera Theatre in Gdańsk.


Rafał Siwek

Vida Mikneviciute

Dominik Sutowicz

Małgorzata Walewska

Daland’s steersman
Rafał Bartmiński

The Dutchman
Tomasz Konieczny

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